Why Dabbing Diamonds is Taking the Cannabis World by Storm

Welcome to the world of cannabis where the latest trend is taking over – dabbing. If you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just starting out, you might have come across this term on social media, in dispensaries or from friends. Dabbing has become quite popular among marijuana enthusiasts and for good reason! Not only is it an efficient way to consume cannabis but also offers a unique and potent experience. In today’s post, we will explore what dabbing diamonds are, how they’re made and why they’ve taken the cannabis world by storm! So sit back, relax and let’s dive into this exciting topic together!

What is Dabbing Diamonds?

Dabbing diamonds is the act of taking a concentrated hit of cannabis by using a rig or dabber. The high produced from dabbing is much more potent than smoking cannabis and users find that the experience is much more enjoyable. There are many different ways to dab, but the most popular way to do it is by using a rig. A rig is a piece of hardware that contains several pieces including a water pipe, an oil rig, and a bong.

How Does Dabbing Differ from Smoking Cannabis?

Dabbing is a new way to consume cannabis that is gaining popularity in the cannabis community. Dabbing is when users take fresh, high-quality cannabis by using a rig or pipe and then inhaling the smoke through a water droplet held near their mouth.

There are many benefits to dabbing over smoking cannabis. Dabbing is less damaging to your lungs and it offers a more pleasurable experience thanks to the increased concentration of THC.

Why is Dabbing So Popular Now?

Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabis activities around. What is dabbing, you ask? Dabbing is when marijuana users take concentrates (like wax and shatter) and heat them up on a hot surface like a stove or an oven, resulting in a thick, sticky liquid that can be smoked. The process of dabbing became popularized by people who use high-quality waxes and shatters that are specifically designed for smoking.

The popularity of dabbing likely has a lot to do with its unique psychoactive effects. When heated properly, concentrates like wax and shatter deliver a huge dose of THC directly to your lungs. This results in an intense high that is often described as feeling like being on vacation or in paradise.

The History of Dabbing Diamonds

Dabbing is a new form of consuming cannabis that many believe revolutionizes the way weed is consumed. Dabbing are pieces of glass or quartz that are heated up and used to vaporize concentrates such as wax, oil, and resin.

The history of dabbing goes back to at least 2007 when some people in California started using butane torches to vaporize marijuana concentrates. However, it was not until 2013 when Jacob Sappington, a then-19-year-old from Arizona, came up with the term “dabbing.” At the time, he was using a rig with a powerful electric heater to heat up water and hash oil until they turned into a psychoactive gas.

Jacob’s popularity as a dabber helped spread the gospel of dabbing across the globe. Today, you can find dabs in virtually every state in America and in many countries around the world.

How to Make Dab Diamonds

There are many reasons why dab diamonds is becoming so popular, but one of the main reasons is that it produces a much more potent and intense high than smoking traditional cannabis. When you dab diamond, you are using a very small amount of wax to extract the active ingredients from the plant.

The process of dabbing is simple and easy to do. All you need is a rig and some wax. The rig can be anything from a simple paper towel holder to an elaborate metal contraption that uses multiple heating elements.

Dabbing diamonds can be used with any kind of cannabis, but it is especially popular with strains like Skywalker OG and OG Kush because they have high levels of THC and CBD. By using a Diamond Dabber tool, you are able to get extremely concentrated doses of these compounds without having to smoke entire joints or bongs full of weed. Read more…


Diamond dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis, and for good reason. Not only does it produce a high that is incredibly potent and enjoyable, but it also allows you to customize your experience by selecting the diamonds you use. Whether you’re looking to get high immediately or want to enjoy a more relaxed experience with less THC in your system, dabbing with diamonds can provide just what you need.

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