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Westinghouse Boulevard is a major street in Charlotte, NC that has undergone a lot of changes recently. With new businesses and residences popping up all around it, it’s important to know what’s going on down this street. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC. Learn More

What is Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC?

Westinghouse Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in Charlotte, North Carolina that runs from Uptown to the southern edge of the city. Named for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which was headquartered in Charlotte at the time of its construction, Westinghouse Boulevard is one of Charlotte’s oldest and most important roads.

The boulevard begins at an intersection with Trade Street near the Uptown area and heads north towards Ballantyne. The road crosses I-485 and continues through much of the affluent Southern Hills neighborhood before coming to an end at a dead end just south of South Boulevard.

Westinghouse Boulevard originally ran only as far north as Ballantyne, but was extended in stages over the years as various neighborhoods were developed. Today, much of the original highway has been replaced by suburban developments, but sections remain standing including a short stretch in South Charlotte.

The boulevard has long been a key transportation artery in Charlotte, serving as both a connector between neighborhoods and central business districts, and as a route for commuters into and out of the city. Today, it remains one of Charlotte’s most important streets and is home to numerous businesses and attractions.

The history of Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC

Westinghouse Boulevard is a historic street in Charlotte, North Carolina that was named for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, who were based in Pittsburgh and were early investors and manufacturers of electric locomotives. The boulevard stretches from Independence Boulevard to Tryon Street and is lined with restaurants, shops, and offices. The Westinghouse Electric Corporation was founded in 1846 by George Westinghouse. Manufacturing began on the site of his first factory in 1878 and continued until 1976 when the company was sold to CBS. Some of the company’s notable products include the first electric railway, transformers, and vacuum cleaners.

What types of businesses are on Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC?

Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC is home to a variety of businesses, including banks, restaurants, and retail stores. Here are some of the most popular businesses on Westinghouse Boulevard:

1. Bank of America

2. Wells Fargo

3. JP Morgan Chase

4. CVS Pharmacy

5. Subway

6. Wendy’s

7. Kohl’s Department Store

How to get to Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC

Located in Charlotte, NC, Westinghouse Boulevard is a street that is known for its luxury homes and beautiful views. It runs from Interstate 485 to Independence Boulevard and has a total of 26 miles. The boulevard starts at I-485 and goes all the way to Independence Boulevard.

Westinghouse Boulevard is made up of various neighborhoods including Myers Park, Davidson Avenue, Pineville, Ballantyne and Lake Norman. These neighborhoods are some of the most expensive in Charlotte and have a lot to offer residents.

One thing that makes Westinghouse Boulevard so special is its history. The boulevard was originally built in 1924 as part of the Coleman Lumber Company’s logging operations. Over time, it became known as one of Charlotte’s wealthiest streets. Today, it features some of the city’s most prestigious homes and estates.

If you want to explore Westinghouse Boulevard for yourself, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you should always drive carefully because this road is very busy and congested. Secondly, make sure to visit the different neighborhoods along the boulevard so you can get a sense for what they’re like. And lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of all the amenities this street has to offer: restaurants, shopping areas and parks galore!

What to see and do on Westinghouse Boulevard Charlotte NC

Westinghouse Boulevard is a major street in Charlotte, NC. The street runs from east to west and connects many of the city’s main attractions. Here are some of the things you can see and do on Westinghouse Boulevard:

● Visit the Bank of America Stadium, home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. The stadium is located just east of downtown Charlotte.

● Walk down Westinghouse Boulevard and admire the beautiful architecture of some of Charlotte’s most popular hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of shopping options as well, including upscale boutiques and department stores like Neiman Marcus.

● Catch a show at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, which is located just north of Bank of America Stadium on Westinghouse Boulevard. The center has a wide range of venues that can accommodate all kinds of performances.

If you’re looking for something different to do in Charlotte, Westinghouse Boulevard is a great place to start!

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