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Weed or often known as Marijuana, is a kind of drug that is usually obtained from the plants of cannabis plants. When looking for cannabis seeds, you might encounter many strange words and phrases. You can learn about feminized cannabis seeds, photoperiod plants, auto flowers, males and females, hybrids, and hermaphrodites, among other things.

A feminized Sativa seed is a seed that has been reared to create just female plants. Because they can use these seeds to grow a crop that only produces female plants and doesn’t need to deal with male plants, commercial growers find them to be highly desirable. Subsequently, developing feminized seeds permits you not to stress over unplanned fertilization from undetected male plants.

What Are The Different Types Of Feminized Seeds?

There are three types of Feminized Sativa Seeds, and they are:-

  • Regular seeds

This is the most familiar form of feminized embryonic and is often used by commercial harvesters. With this technique, growers will reap seeds from female plants and use them to form new seeds, delivering only female plants.

  • Premature flowering seeds 

This approach is similar to regular seeds reaped from all-female plants but has a higher success pace. This feminized seed is usually secured for commercial planters who need huge seeds. 

  • Photoperiod seeds harvested  

This technique is the most demanding and is often used by breeders to create new assortments of seeds.

How To Grow Sativa Seed?

Feminized Sativa Seeds are more accessible and simpler to grow than regular seeds. Here are the different considerations for developing:-

  • Outdoor or indoor

The grower will schedule the lights so that feminized cannabis can begin to flower indoors. The prolonged darkness will resemble autumnal conditions and prompt the plants to flower. Planting your feminized cannabis outdoors at the right time and in a suitable climate is crucial. Because your plants need a specific schedule to thrive because the hours of sunlight change with the seasons. To fulfil this need, you will typically need to establish them in spring and gather them in fall.

  • Time

Whether you grow indoors or outside, the strain always determines the timing. Some varieties, like indices, grow quickly and only flower for 6 to 7 weeks. Like Hazes, the flowering time of other strains is twice as long. Plant varieties that flower quickly or feminized auto flowers if you want to harvest soon. After germination, some of these are ready just 60 days later.

  • Soil

Cannabis grows best in soil that is nutrient-rich, aerated and drains well. The majority of store-bought soil is already made to grow cannabis. Perlite, coco, vermiculite, compost, or worm castings can be added to natural soil to make it more suitable for weeds.

It can be the right choice for commercial growers who want to produce a crop with a specific ratio of female to male plants. It proposes many advantages over regular seeds. Feminized sativa seeds are much more predictable and reliable than traditional seeds. Growing feminized seeds can be complicated and time-consuming, but the results are worth the effort for those looking to maximize their yields. Get connected to Weed Seeds USA to avail of different variations.

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