Blastocyst Transfer: A Significant Advancement in IVF Treatment – Know by Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon

In recent times, advancements in reproductive medications have revolutionized the sector of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

In recent times, advancements in reproductive medications have revolutionized the sector of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), providing hope to many couples who are facing issues related to infertility.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is the one of the most reliable and effective techniques which has raised hope in numerous partners seeking for parenthood. IVF involves several procedures which also includes a technique known as ‘Blastocyst Transfer’. It has provided a huge increase in higher success rates as well as improved outcomes. Let’s get informed about this stage of IVF with the help of Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon.

Understanding Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst Transfer is a critical phase in the IVF procedure that includes the transfer of embryos into the uterus of women. This step usually occurs after five to six days of fertilization, when embryos have progressed into advanced stages known as Blastocysts.

These Blastocysts consists of around 100-200 cells and comprised of two different parts –

The Inner Cell Mass, which eventually develops into the fetus.

The Trophectoderm, which forms the placenta.

In the traditional IVF process, embryos are shifted into the uterus on the second or third day after fertilization. At this stage the embryos are still at the early age of development (around four to eight cells).

Nevertheless, with the transfer of Blastocyst, embryos are granted with allowance to grow in the lab for an extended period, until they reach the Blastocyst stage. As per the IVF Centre in Gurgaon, the extended culture time allows the embryologists to pick the most healthy and sturdy embryos for transfer, boosting the odds of successful implantation and pregnancy.

The Benefits of Blastocyst Transfer

Below are mentioned some special outcomes provided by Blastocyst Transfer:

Higher Pregnancy Rates: As compared to the early-stage embryo transfer, Blastocyst shifting is associated with higher pregnancy rates. The use of well- developed Blastocyst elevates the likelihood of success driven implantation, turning out in improved pregnancy probabilities.

Decreasing the Risk of Multiple Pregnancies: By allowing embryos to get developed further in the laboratory, the count of embryos transferred can be reduced while still maintaining captivating success rates. This lowers the risk of numerous pregnancies, which can cause harm to the health of both the mother and baby.

Improved Embryo Selection: The lengthy culture time allows embryologists to have a clearer view of embryo’s viability and quality. This grants them to select the healthiest embryo with the highest possibility of success, decreasing the chances of implanting embryos with chromosomal abnormalities.

Some Smart and considerable factors about the Finest IVF Service Provider in Gurgaon

Searching for the right IVF Centre is very much crucial for a satisfying fertility treatment. Gurgaon is a leading medical hub comprising ample reputed centres equipped with experienced and highly-skilled specialists.

When choosing an IVF clinic in Gurgaon, you should consider the following factors:

High Success Rates: Go for an IVF treatment specialist with a consistently high rate of success. A Centre having a track record of successful pregnancies indicates expertise and quality care. 

Team of Experts: You should ensure that the centre is equipped with a team of trained and experienced fertility specialists, embryologists, and support workers who can provide tailored care and service throughout the IVF procedure. 

 Cutting-Edge Technology: A Centre enhanced with advanced technology and excellent lab facilities can have a significant impact on the success of IVF treatment. 

Review of the Patients: Always go through patient reviews and testimonials to learn about other people’s experiences with that particular centre. Positive comments may boost your confidence while making a final decision.

Cost Consideration: We should find out the best assistance available while having an accurate knowledge about the IVF Cost in Delhi / NCR. Selecting an affordable treatment is good for you but remember, do not compromise with the medical standards at all.

And here’s the Conclusion

Transfer of Blastocyst is a remarkable progress in the field of IVF process, providing hope and elevated success rates to the couples dealing with infertility. During the consideration of IVF treatment, it is highly essential to select the ideal hospice.

With the support of best experts and advanced technologies, you can hope to achieve the dream of becoming a parent one day. 

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