All day vaping? Quite interesting

Have you heard this phenomenal recommendation that is circulating around the market? Yes, it is accurate and can be experienced if you are new to vaping and heard of this term. But I want to know more than make sure to read the article. Below, our market experts have pointed out some of the top vital tips to experience this technique.

What does all-day vape mean:

All-day vape doesn’t mean to do vaping all day long or how long you should do vaping during the day. But it depends upon the flavour of e-liquid, which can be enjoyed all day long. You have a low nicotine level and a long-lasting vaping experience for the consumers. Following are some of the factors to look upon while vaping that make it all day vape.

  • It should have low nicotine strength in it
  • A balanced flavour that is not strong
  • Have mild or less vapour cloud formation

Level of nicotine it contains:

Firstly e-liquid you want to consume must be smooth enough that it contains (3-10mg) or even zero nicotine level in it. It should be mild and not strong. However, it should be fulfilling your nicotine craving. Those who quit smoking and started vaping might need a high amount of nicotine to amuse their cravings.

Mostly to justify that craving, you need 20mg of nicotine strength. If you consume 3-5mg, then it might taste useless as it does not satisfy your craving, which will not be ideal in your case as you will end up being inclined towards cigarettes.

The flavour of e-liquid:

Vape juice flavours should not be too intense or artificial; instead prefer to be natural fruity or menthol flavours are desired.

Vapour cloud:

Lastly, it should not produce a huge amount of vapour cloud as it should be an enjoyable yet pleasing experience for you and all those around you.

For this scenario, we prefer nicotine salt as they are 50/50.

Some of the top preferred flavours are the following:

Pod Salt Go 2500 and pod salt nexus flavours:

According to our expert recommendations for all-day vape flavours. It isn’t easy to finalise one of the best flavours when concluding for many vapers with different taste buds and preferences. But below, we have given some of the preferences and flavours variety which many of you will prefer.

Pod salt Go 2500– mixed berries ice:

 It is the most blended and one of the perfect nicotine-free e-liquid. This disposable vape device offers 2500 puffs and a sweet yet icy blast on your puff.

Pod salt nexus -lime raspberry grapefruit:

This blended and mostly known as Citrus mix is the perfect choice for all those who want a balanced flavour. It’s sweet, light and refreshing. This is available in a maximum range from 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and zero nicotine level as well. The choice is all yours which you would prefer.

Pod Salt origin Menthol Flavour

This is one of the most classic ones to enjoy as it gives the warming taste of tobacco flavour. Where at the start, it provides a menthol flavour. This pod salt flavour gives you the warmth of tobacco flavour mixed with cooling, sweet and light menthol extraction making it all in one for you. It is the perfect combination for all those beginners who quit cigarettes and shifted to vape devices. You can find this flavour in two different nicotine strengths 11mg and 20mg.

For more details, visit our online store disposableshop. ae where all these flavours and products are available.

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