7 Mistakes in Parenting That Should Be Avoided

Parenting is a continuous process in which parents play the role of the main teachers and mentors. However, in reality, we often face situations when incorrect approaches to education can hurt the development of our children. Some of the mistakes we make may be minor, but others may have serious consequences in the long run. In this article, we will look at ten common mistakes that should be avoided in parenting.

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Education or Punishment in Front of Strangers

Have you often noticed how parents scold their children in public? Yes, it’s not on purpose, but still, I think everyone has observed such a situation. But what’s wrong with it… The bad thing is that the child, though unconsciously, begins to consider himself to be somehow bad and guilty in front of strangers, so he closes himself in the future when he becomes older.

Influence of the Past

Everyone remembers how they were beaten with a belt in childhood, but some do it now, justifying themselves that he was beaten like that in childhood, so there’s nothing wrong with that because I grew up normal.

But this is absurd, it has long been proven that physical abuse of children only harms them, it is better to just have a quiet conversation with the child as with a friend and explain how it was possible to act here.

Excessive Restraint

If you do not devote time to your child when he reaches out to you,  that has a bad effect on his psyche. It becomes more difficult for the child psychologically to find a common language with other people and he will open up to someone because he will be afraid of being rejected.

Bad Habits

Not many parents understand that children are their little copies. If you swear, smoke, and drink in front of the child, the child will think that this is the order of things. And when he gets older, he will begin to lead the same lifestyle. After all, all parents want their children to become better than themselves, so show the right example to your child.


Also, you should not allow your children too much, just because you were not allowed to do this as a child. Understand, maybe the parents were wrong somewhere, but this does not mean that they had mistakes everywhere. Therefore, if you want to give your child complete freedom, then think about whether this freedom is needed in all moments.

Permissiveness or Super-Guardianship

We all consider our children to be the best on this planet but understand that outside the walls of the house, they are just children. There is nothing special about them, so you should not spoil them too much, because in later life they will think that everyone owes them, and you know how such people are treated in society.

Also, you should not protect him from everything, this will also have a detrimental effect on the child, he will simply not be ready for adulthood and will not be able to cope with problems on his own, because you do not want your child to be a coward and incapable.

Destruction of Trust

Never talk to your child in raised tones. If it is guilty, then calmly explain how it should have acted in this situation. When parents start shouting at the child, the child is disappointed not only in you but in the whole world, now he will treat the people around him the same way.

For a child, a family is a world of its own, where there should be harmony and love.

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