6 Tips for Making the Most of Living in Maryland

According to various studies on countrywide migration, Americans tend to prefer the southern states when it comes to moving. But if you’ve always loved the Mid-Atlantic, particularly the state of Maryland, you’re certainly not at a disadvantage.

Maryland has a good reputation, and it should be easy to make the most of life in the state.

From the vast mountainous forests of Western Maryland to the Atlantic shoreline in the East, you will find plenty to make you a proud Marylander.

If you’re wondering how you can make the most of living in the Old Line State, here are some tips.

1.     Proximity to Key Cities

Living in Maryland has many perks, like proximity to high-income and economically important cities. You could take advantage of the Washington–Baltimore combined statistical area, the third-largest combined statistical area in the nation.

The region offers minutes to less than two-hour drives to cities like Baltimore, MD; Rosslyn, VA; Washington, D.C; Fairfax, VA; and Chambersburg, PA. Baltimore is a strategic location close to metropolitan areas in three states and the District of Columbia. This could be a wise career move for young professionals living in Maryland.

You could work in any of the states that offer better terms (like D.C., which has a higher salary rate) and live in Baltimore.

2.   The Healthcare System

When choosing where to settle, one thing that needs to be a priority is the state of healthcare. Maryland’s healthcare system is the fourth-best in the nation.

In cases of emergencies, everyone wants the best medical care available. A good healthcare system facilitates that. But if your home state has one of the top hospitals in the country, you can’t help being proud. Maryland is home to the world-class Johns Hopkins Hospital, and living in the state puts you right next door.

3.   Explore The Outdoors

If you have a soft spot for beautiful sceneries and outdoor activities, take advantage of Maryland’s location on the East Coast. Variety when it comes to landscapes makes the outdoor experience in the state exciting.

Explore the wilderness in the Appalachian, observing wildlife, camping, or hiking the scenic trails. You could go fishing or boating in the Potomac or the Atlantic. Locals and vacationers flock to the Chesapeake Bay, famous for its stunning shoreline.

Since living in Maryland offers proximity to the famous estuary shared with only five other states, you won’t need to fly elsewhere to relax on a beach.

4.   Excellent Education System

For people with families, good schools factor into the decision of where to live. If that’s important to you, living in Maryland would be advantageous. The state has some of the nation’s best public and private schools, including institutes of higher education.

A study by the U.S. News & World Report reveals that Maryland has the sixth-best school system in the country while also ranking fourth for the best public school system.

Maryland’s K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are some of the top performing, with John Hopkins University ranking 18th and the University of Maryland, College Park, ranking 40th according to Forbes America’s Top Colleges List.

5.   Embrace the community

One of the immersive ways to make the most of living in Maryland is to connect with the local community.

Maryland has a diverse culture exhibiting characteristics typical of the Northeast, Southern, and Appalachian cultures.

Embracing your community will make you more in tune with life as a Marynder. There are many ways to involve yourself with the community, including:

  • Volunteering or joining local non-profits
  • Joining sports and recreational clubs
  • Participating in events and festivities

6.     The Friendly Weed Laws

Many Americans are realizing that cannabis could offer immense therapeutic benefits in their lives.

You may be among many who are cutting down on pharmaceuticals for safety reasons and exploring alternative therapies. In that case, you will appreciate knowing that Maryland is a pro-cannabis state.

Make the most of the favorable laws which allow access to medicinal marijuana for approved patients and recreational marijuana for adults.


The Old Line State is one of the best places to live in the United States. There’s so much to love, from the fairly mild weather with all four seasons to excellent healthcare, education, job opportunities, and scenic outdoors.

Make the most of living in Maryland by exploring the state, enjoying new experiences, and immersing yourself in life as a Marylander.

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